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I'm Sophie, a thirty-something year old makeup obsessed lady from the UK and the author of this beauty blog. Here you will find reviews, fashion posts, make up looks, swatches, nail posts, and thoughts on products including skincare, haircare, and maybe even the odd personal post too.

I have been passionate about Make up and Beauty for as long as I can remember and I always loved experimenting with my Mum's electric blue eye-liner and amethyst lipstick in the late eighties!

When I was able to, I started saving up pocket money and buying my own make up, building a small collection of cheap cosmetics from the local market stalls and chemist shops. I was addicted from there, and would spend my spare time just practicing and seeing what I could do with an eyeshadow applicator and a crazy purple lipstick!

Years later, I am still a complete beauty addict with a real passion for make up and transforming others with make up and making them feel glamorous. I love to write about my passion, showing my make up looks, and also reviewing products and talking about everything beauty related.

Enjoy the blog, and thanks you for reading.